Living in a Feed-Back Loop

Sep 15, 2010 by


The scorpion looks like a careful construction by the best engineers. What a treat to see it lifting its tail and hold its ground as I walk near! It might be all of 2 inches long from head to tail, easily small enough to be crushed by my step, and yet its sure stance causes a little prick of fear to spring into my awareness. What does IT feel? Where is the designer of that formidable little beast?

Looking at the created world through the eyes of a designer of human-made things leaves me in awe. Can we look at ourselves in the same awestruck, non-judgmental light?

IF you’re like most of us, activity causes you to live in oblivion to the complexity of the biological organism you inhabit.  As long as the body continues to do our bidding, we push, neglect, ignore and over-ride signals coming from our physical home.

Experiencing inner signals and embracing life beyond our to do list might have challenges, but it is both possible and rewarding. Moments of non-focused stillness enable us to watch our life while living it. The appreciation bestowed on the scorpion and its mystery creator begins to transform into an appreciation of the many details of ourselves – the body that houses US and beyond that, to seeing the fine thread of connection we have with the rest of Earth’s  inhibits, both animated and not. As we open to our quiet reality, we realize we live in a pre-created, sensitive, feed-back loop – a loop where everything makes its impact.  Thoughts (scorpion fear registers somewhere on the body), the breath (was I holding it during my scorpion experience?), tightening of muscles (did I contract as part of my response), construct us.

Realizing how our unique feedback loop works becomes a platform to launch a deep exploration of self – a beginning of knowing ourselves beyond the necessary activities of life.

Take a deep breath.  Let breath inform you of yourself in this moment.  If you’d like to delve in further, begin a yoga practice that encourages moving consciously and leads you into stillness.


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