Mobile Yoga

You light up at the idea of having your yoga class in your home, workplace, or other space.

Yoga in Your Home

For those who want the convenience and comfort of staying at home, I will come to you with mats, music and guidance to unwind mentally and physically. One-on-one classes are one hour long.  ($69/class w/in a 5 mile radius of Wailea – $1/mi. for each extra mile)

If you possess ample space and would like to share yoga with friends, I’ll come to you ($69 for up to 5 participants – additional students will incur additional charges – $8/person). You may divide my charges among your visitors and participate without cost to you. Group classes last 1 hr. 15 minutes.

Yoga for the Work Place: Yoga H.E.R.E.

Happiness…removes relationship stress
Energizing…new ideas arise
Relaxation…releases new energy
Enhancing…immune system is stimulated

CREATE A MORE PRODUCTIVE WORK ENVIRONMENT: Long periods of sitting compromise the ability to focus, challenge the possibility of ‘out of the box’ thinking & defy a sense of well-being.

Lunch Break or before or after work 

This is an on-site 55 minute practice for every body – gentle, yet strong in its impact.

This nurturing yoga uses the body’s innate mechanism for relaxing – deep breathing – yoga flows and holding of traditional postures to stretch and strengthen the body and connect the participants to their wholeness.

($69 for up to 5 participants – additional students will incur additional charges – $8/person). Group classes last 1 hr. 15 minutes before or after work, and 55 minutes for the lunch break. Classes beyond a 5 mile radius, add $1/mi. for each extra mile.

Cooperative Yoga

Looking for a unique way to develop harmony in the work place?

Cooperative yoga is a two-person or group experience in which each person is allowed the opportunity to stretch. Cooperative yoga requires quietly getting into the energy of the other person and being sensitive to them.

Evaporate barriers and warm the air using Cooperative Yoga as a team-builder. After settling in with pranayama (intentional breathing), and warming up the body with movement, your co-workers will be led through various postures preformed by two, and sometimes more, people. Lively communication is the essence of 2 person yoga and you’ll still be stretched and relaxed through the process. Great for special communication Workshops or to add to the regular Lunchtime Yoga.

What you’ll need: Space to practice. I’ll bring everything else.

Reconnecting you to your wholeness and creating vibrant health! (See above for pricing)

The Ultimate Relaxation Workshop:

The ‘Ultimate Relaxation This workshop will immerse you in relaxation techniques that also energize and transform. You’ll come away with new skills you can use to help others relax.

This is a hands-on event.
Thai massage – said to align the energies of the body and induce calmness, increase energy and refresh the spirit – will be the core of the Workshop. This section is taught by an experienced massage therapist, Steve Dollahite. While learning Thai Massage techniques, you’ll experience massage both as a practitioner and a receiver. The stage will be set by yogic breathing and yoga warm-up postures.

To add spice to the event, you’ll be lead through the fun of Cooperative Yoga.

We’ll complete our time together with savasana (resting posture) and few quiet, meditative moments.