“You have made such a wonderful impact on my yoga practice and have inspired me beyond measure! Thank you so much for your gentle and thoughtful practice. It has helped me in so many ways!”

~Liz, Northgate Community Center


“I feel so good today (after yoga practice)! Very fluid, like it’s not as much effort to do things. Love it!!”

~Linda  NSCC

“I found Sandy’s yoga class right when I needed it. I was suffering some losses in my life and needed to take care of myself. The class was just right for me and still is, four years later. The deep breathing, the postures, the relaxation all help to keep me limber & centered. I look forward to every class and appreciate Sandy’s gentle and joyful approach to teaching yoga.”

~C.F. Seward Pk, Seattle, WA


“I cannot express in just words how much joy, peace, strength, serenity, calm, confidence, and new appreciation for the most important small things in life Sandy’s classes have added to my life! My work has long hours and lots of stress. With Sandy’s expert teaching and guidance, my job has become more joyful and less strained. At every session, I surprise myself how much I CAN DO, and how my inner and outer strength has increased. In my job, I bring a new sense of serenity to the little toddlers I work with and they respond with more peace and calm. Sandy brings these attributes to her job, and it’s contagious in the best possible way!”

~Edie at N

“I thought tonight was a really good workout. I hate missing a class. I left tonight feeling uplifted and “happy!” and I will work on drinking more water. My body thanks you.”

~D. in Leschi


“My work week and stress level are both dictated by the calendar and workload of my boss, who is fairly high up in the leadership structure and whom I support as her executive assistant. As a consequence, my working day is constantly spent firing off emails, fielding phone calls, & otherwise putting out fires–in short, reacting to a daily stream of crises, real r imagined. What I appreciate most about my Kripalu practice and the time spent under Sandy’s supervision is that it allows me to leave all that behind–even if for only a few hours. I can act instead of react, engage in the moment, and do something for my own physical and psychological wellbeing. This opportunity to seek and achieve inner balance is one for which I’m profoundly grateful.

~J. in Northgate


“Taking Yoga with Sandy has helped me learn to calm my mind, to ride the waves of my emotions and be more present in my body. Yoga with Sandy has nurtured my spirituality and helped me be more flexible and for-giving in all aspects of my life.”



“Thank you for sharing your yoga gift. It has been a wonderful experience. Until taking your yoga I had been without an avenue to explore my spiritual dimension…”
~Teresa M., Voluntown, CT


“Sandy is a wonderful teacher. She is funny and kind and helpful – all the things that a beginner needs. She was inspiring to help us students make yoga a daily practice. She had many wonderful quotes and poems and music that so much enriched the class experience. Thank you!”


“Sandy Callender is a GREAT yoga instructor ! – this was my first yoga ever, and she easily moved us into stretching postures that helped me become aware of muscles and joints that had been ignored for so long. I am over 60 and this class has helped me feel so much younger in my body. She is very encouraging, but not demanding, very helpful in explaining how different asanas (postures) open up different areas, but not forceful. I highly recommend Sandy and will take this class again next quarter. I started the class with significant lower back pain, and it is all but gone now, thanks to her guidance in doing yoga.”


“Sandy is an exceptionally knowledgeable teacher who allows for each student’s challenges in the yoga poses. Also, she brings to the group a calm, spiritual presence that greatly enhances each student’s experience. You would feel very comfortable with Sandy no matter whether you are an advanced yogi or a beginner”.


“Thanks for your help in transforming our things called ‘bodies’ into conscious, intentional, vigorous and healthy gifts to life. “

~Linda  & Paul, Senior living complex

“Your classes have changed my life.”

~Angela, Northgate Community Ctr

“Thank you for the positive, loving yoga experience.”


“I have been so blessed to have you in my life. Your spirit, guidance, knowledge and calm have helped more me forward on my journey.”

~Jami, Newport Heights Elementary School